St. Luke's United Methodist Church

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St. Luke's United Methodist Church

Pastor's Wednesday Night Study

We are finishing up our Lenten Study on the 24 Hours That Changed The World.  

Our Next Study is called

Making Sense of the Bible  

by Adam Hamilton.

April 26th - May 31st at 7 pm.   

This study will help us with our goal to spend more time in Scripture.

In Making Sense of the Bible, Adam Hamilton invited us into an honest conversation about the Bible.  The book begins with foundational questions such as, How and when was the Bible written?  Who decided which books made it into the Scriptures and why?  How literally must we read it?  And, Is the Bible ever wrong?

From there, Hamilton asks frequently asked questions like:  Were Adam and Eve real people?  Why would Paul commend women to “keep silent in church”?  Is Jesus the only way to salvation?  Is the Book of Revelation a guide to end times?  And more…

This study has a dvd component that goes along with the book.


Monday Night Study

Monday Night's Bible Study meets in the Bridges Lounge at 6 pm and is led by Marie Wroten.  More details about their study will be posted very soon.